Dr Fathallah Karimzadeh was born in Isfahan, Iran, in 1973. He received his Ph.D degree from Isfahan University of Technology (IUT) in 2003. His Ph.D thesis was devoted to the Development of Novel Techniques for Grain refinement of Ti6Al4V Alloy Weldment. Later on, he joined the department of materials science and engineering of IUT as an assistance professor. He opened new fields of researches in this department, viz, synthesis, characterization, formation mechanism study and joining of nanostructured materials such as nano composites and nano particles for advanced applications in the field of energy storage. Dr Karimzadeh has published more than 100 ISI journal papers and more than 100 national and international conference papers. Also, he has more than 10 items awards. The most important awards to him were foundation award outstanding student award in the country, young Kharazmi festival and distinguished young researcher award. He was member of organizing and scientific committees for many national and international conferences.


ارتقاء امنیت وب با وف بومی